Ser aguja


Additional Info

  • Año: 2019
  • Lugar: Bienal de Andorra Land Art. Andorra
  • Material o técnica: Video instalación, tierra y trozos de pradera seca
  • Texto:

    La aguja es una herramienta de reunificación simbólica, que permite estrechar el vínculo y la cohesión entre las partes. La propuesta es generar un espacio onírico que nos vincule con la acción del cosido, que se presenta como una acción chamánica de transformación vital y de fusión con el paisaje. De este modo, una línea de agujas semi-carbonizadas quedan suspendidas sobre un circulo de tierra, hojas de pino y carbón vegetal.

    For some years now, the art works of Madrid-born artist Lucia Loren have centred around addressing, from different perspectives and with diverse techniques, the interchangeable relations between human beings and the environment and landscape we live in. In all her art interventions, Loren uses the elements from the landscape (such as the different kinds of wood cut and partially burnt and the pine needles that create the artwork we are commenting) to reflect on the concept of cultural landscape.
    In Ser aguja (Being a Needle), this multidisciplinary artist’s proposal creates an oneiric space where the act of sewing is presented to us as a shamanic action of vital transformation and fusion with the landscape. 
    The needle is a tool of symbolic -besides literal- reunification, that enables us to establish a bond and cohesion between parts. In this case, the actions of sewing and weaving are understood as processes that form a symbolic space where what’s natural integrates with what belongs to the culture.
    Loren has already explored the symbolism of needles and other related objects in previous artworks. For instance, in Al hilo del paisaje (Built Into The Landscape – note that in Spanish, the word hilo means “thread”), a land art intervention where a giant thread ball helped her reflect on “the last skin of the landscape”, about the deterioration of vegetation and the erosion processes that are progressively leading to the desertification of the lands.

    Pere Moles
    Curator of Andorra land Art